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Company Director

Allen Christensen

Allen is the founding Director and Company Principal of ATC Consulting Engineers and Project Managers.

Allen is a 28 year veteran of local government having worked in numerous Council’s both as a “staffer” and on the dark side as a consultant. He has experienced three amalgamations from both sides of the fence and like many in our industry, is bit of a jack of all trades when it comes to engineering. From roads to recycled water, strays dogs to strategic planning - Allen has experienced most issues that Rural Local Government can throw up including those dreaded managerial challenges that all engineers love.

In July 2007, Allen established his own Engineering consultancy business to service the South Burnett and surrounding areas with engineering services, specialising in local government and engineering assessments related to town planning matters.

Over the last 8 years the primary focus of the company has been to service existing clients both within local government and within the development sector, whilst taking on new clients as the opportunity arises. Continuing in house contracts with the Western Downs Regional Council – as Development Engineer, South Burnett Regional Council – as Special Projects Engineer and the Wide Bay Burnett Regional Road Group – as Technical Support Engineer is evidence of his valued skills.

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